What to expect

Eleanor understands that seeking support can be extremely difficult and so aims to make the process as straightforward as possible. 

Once you have got in touch and briefly discussed what support you are looking for she will normally offer a 90 minute initial appointment. This provides a chance to find more about what is going on, what may have contributed to the difficulties and then jointly agree the best way forward. 


If the support is for a child or young person it is helpful to have the main caregivers at the assessment. 


The initial appointment also provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and find out more about the support Eleanor offers. If either of you do not feel that Eleanor is the best person to support you or your family member she will do her best to find alternative support. 

After the assessment, therapy sessions are generally 50 minutes long.


The number of sessions varies depending on the type and complexity of the difficulty. It is important to try and have regular sessions, this is usually weekly or fortnightly.


Eleanor will normally book in 6 sessions at a time, and regularly review the progress with you. You may need more or less and you are free to stop sessions at any point. 


By regularly reviewing your goals and how you are finding therapy, we will plan the end of therapy as carefully as possible. This will involve discussing ways to manage in the future and reviewing what you have learnt and found helpful during therapy.

For information on how information is stored please see my Privacy Policy.